Jakobsweg-Sara Sadeghi Free Spirit Life Coach & Energy and Reiki Therapist

About me

"The universe is my home, and love is my religion."

Sara Sadeghi

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Having been born in Iran, moving to Germany at the age of seventeen, traveling around the globe since 2014, and living in seven different countries on four continents allowed me to take part in various cultures and mentalities and to be a part of the life of countless people around the world.
As challenging and adventurous as this unorthodox lifestyle can be from time to time, it made me learn from a young age to adopt alterations quickly and become a real survivalist.
Although my studies at universities and academies have served a purpose, my knowledge is mainly based on my life experiences and their resulting insights. I don´t think much of non-pragmatic theories. 
I always have been a seeker looking for something higher and more significant than this three-dimensional perception of life we have been injected with since the dawn of civilization: That Go-To-School, Attend-University, Get-A-Degree, Get-A-Partner, Get-A-Job, Get-Successful, Earn-Money, Get-Married, Buy-A-House, Earn-More-Money, Procreate kind of human perception of life. 
This huge resistance of my spirit to fit into a belief-system it didn´t even believe in has brought a lot of challenges onto my path. However, my soul´s persistence in seeking answers and new ways of living has eventually led me to alignment and a higher state of being.
In my book Das kleine, schwarze Fischlein (The little tiny blackfish) I take you along my journey to love, freedom, inner peace, mindfulness and transformation, and talk about the challenges I had to overcome, in order to achieve my aim.

Book available in German language here.

Christchurch-Sara Sadeghi Free Spirit Life Coach & Energy and Reiki Therapist


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Academical education

  • Physics & maths, at University Freiburg, Germany

  • Pyschology, pedagogy & philosophy, at education academy, Ludwigsburg, Germany

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Energy therapy education

  • Traditional Usui reiki (hand on & distant reiki)

  • Kundalini reiki

  • Self-education through experience to develop individual methods of energy healing​ and cleansing tools which are the main foundations for my treatments

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Coaching education

  • Professional and master coaching

  • Specialized in happiness, life purpose, goal setting & success coaching

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Spiritual education

  • Having been born with the gift of being a spiritual channel and after my great awakening and ascension in 2016, I have been able to tune in to the higher wisdom of the spiritual realm and take part in higher education on the spiritual level.

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My Philosophy

Coaching and healing are my passions and what I have been doing all over my life without being aware of it. 
I am convinced that there is a universal fountain of wisdom that we can all tune into. However, the connection to that every source has been interrupted for the most human being due to the lower frequencies implanted in our system by invalid belief-systems, fears, judgment, preprogrammed perceptions of right and wrong, good and evil, destructive unconscious behavior patterns, limiting religious, cultural, and social conditioning, and the division between races and genders, etc. In my coaching sessions, I am keen to reconnect my clients to that source, to help them find their own inner wisdom. By holding the lamp up, I try to make different ways visible so that they can see their own individual path more clearly.
Alike, I believe in a powerful, natural healing force in our every core, able to restore body and soul. Physical issues are nothing but a visible end result of blockages on the unconscious level. In my energy therapy treatments, I attempt to remove the blocks to reactivate this integrated healing energy in the system of my clients.

Healing-Heilung-Meditation-Sara Sadeghi Free Spirit Life Coach & Energy and Reiki Therapist