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Life Coaching

"I know you are tired, but come this is the way."


What is Coaching?

ICF (International Coaching Federation) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. A coach supports his clients in developing vision and goals and takes them on the hand to help them pass the challenging passages on the road. Unlike a therapist, who directs his patients with the focus on healing past traumas and wounds, a coach is mainly there to walk with his clients on their path and to support them to use their personal power to discover their own solutions. While therapy has its focus on the past and present, coaching is more present and future-oriented.

In my coaching sessions, however, I occasionally practice a mix of coaching and therapy, as I am convinced that all of our current problems have their roots in the past. As long as this hidden core (past traumas and wounds) remains in the subconscious mind, the same issues keep occurring and triggering the same behavior patterns in our system. In order to make peace in our hearts and start a new chapter of life, we need to heal and let go of the past.

Coaching can be engaged in every possible area of life*. In the list below, you find some topics to give you an idea:

  • happiness, inner peace, motivation

  • relationships, partnerships & couples coaching

  • separation & divorce

  • overcoming anxiety & fears

  • life-changing events

  • letting go process

  • consciousness & awareness

  • conscious and healthy communication

* Please note that I do not offer business or physical health coaching

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What is Niche Coaching?

Coaching in general is not much about giving advice but more about asking key questions to direct the client and help him to find solutions. A coach doesn't necessarily have to be an expert in the topic area that the client wishes to improve. Indeed he doesn't even need to have a basic understanding of it. 

Niche coaching on the contrary requires expertise, knowledge, or experience in a particular area. In this way, a life coach is like a guide or a mentor.

While coaching can be seen as walking with the clients on their path niche coaching has the character of consulting and is focused on showing the clients the way and making them walk it. Therefore, coaching is more suitable for those who have already found their path and need motivation and support to stick on it, while niche coaching is qualified for those who are off-road and wish to be led onto the path.

If you cannot decide which kind of coaching qualifies your current situation, don't hesitate to get in touch, and we will find it out together. As I only cover topic areas in which I have experience or at least a basic knowledge, we are flexible to switch from one form to the other regardless of which form of coaching you will choose to begin with.

Additional to the topics mentioned above, I cover i.a. following areas in niche coaching.

  • healing past wounds and traumas

  • addictions* (alcohol, drama, sex, shopping, etc.)

  • ​inner journey, ascension & awakening

  • kundalini awakening

  • inner child healing

  • the dark night of the soul

  • soul coaching


If you couldn't find your current topic in the lists above, send me an e-mail with your individual story. Together we will find the most suitable session for you.

All you need to bring to a coaching session is the willingness to change and let go of old perceptions and the openness to new ways of thinking, being, and living. For everything else, I will be there to support you.

* Whether coaching can be used to overcome an addiction or professional help is needed depends on the level of addiction and the substance.

Gift Vouchers

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