Der kleine, schwarze Fisch von Samad Behrangi

Der kleine, schwarze Fisch

Samad Behrangi

The Little Black Fisch

Book information: Written by Samad Behrangi, translated by Sara Sadeghi.

The Little Black Fish may be small, but he has a curious and courageous heart with lots of questions. Following his dream of discovering the world and experiencing different ways of living, he has to face many dangers and obstacles. 
But never mind! Those who have big dreams don´t mind facing challenges. Overcoming all dangers and troubles, he eventually achieves his dream of seeing to sea.
This is one of the most famous Persian fairy tales. But as well apolitical allegory speaking of the life in Iran at the time of Shah´s regime.
This book is currently only available as e-book in the German language.

Size: 37 pages, paperback format

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