2020/2021: The year in review, from Earth to Mars

Today it is exactly one year since the power in Spain has been transferred to the Corona monarchy, and I thought to put together a brief review of the last 364 days. On Saturday, March 8th, 2020 I visited a flea market in downtown Barcelona. To get there from my apartment, I first had to get on a bus and then on a train. The flea market took place in closed rooms. People were queuing to get in. That had nothing to do with any "security measures", but simply with the fact that there were many visitors. The room was jam-packed. Pictures that we will soon only know from our memories that have gone far back and our descendants only from science fiction movies. "Whoa! So many people in one room! They must have been mad!” they will think then. There in the flea market, I spend some time and came into much unwanted physical contact with several human-like beings. On the way back, I took the subway, which was just as jam-packed as the flea market before. People stuck together. A young man standing next to me almost coughed in my face without covering his mouth, and everyone laughed. At the “Plaza de Universidad” I got off the train to take the bus, and it was only there that I realized why the subway had been so full before: It was International Women's Day and a big demo was organized. How could I have forgotten something like that as a "woman"! The entire square and all streets around were closed. That was - besides the Catalonian demonstrations for independence - the biggest demonstration I have ever seen live. There were so many people there that I could barely move.

On the following Wednesday at work, my students looked pretty baffled. There was chaos. I asked a student what caused the unrest. "They are talking about that we may have to work from home for two weeks, and it is unclear whether there are enough laptops available," she said. "Will they rebuilt the office or why home office?" I asked without having a clue. "Well, because of Corona!" Was her answer, that lit the first spark in my mind. On Thursday morning my Friday course was canceled and shortly thereafter one cancellation after another followed and I suspected bad things approaching us. On Friday evening after my walk in the woods, I went to the small supermarket around the corner to buy milk. When I walked into the store, I couldn't believe my eyes. The little discounter, which I used to share with a maximum of three customers and two clerks, looked like an anthill! People crawled over and into each other, each pushing a full shopping cart in front of them and radiating panic from every cell of their being. The oxygen level in the small room was so critical that I almost became short of breath and turned to leave. But the thought of my morning coffee without milk held me back and led me to the small shop's fridge. In the queue, I met a neighbor and asked him about the reason for the madness. "Are there a few holidays in a row or why are they shopping here for all they can?" I asked. “The government has said we should buy food for two weeks. From tomorrow on we will have an absolute curfew,” he explained to me. "If the government would say tomorrow that we should all hang ourselves, should we do that too?" I asked him. Indeed, it took a few days to weeks before I understood the term “curfew”. It all came so overnight that none of us had the time to understand what was going on around him. For Sunday I had originally planned a hike with my housemates, which of course was canceled by them for the reason: “I think you don't get what's going on here! The President said we are not allowed to leave the house." Without paying much attention to this statement, I went on the trip all by myself and hiked 20 km there and back from my apartment to Tibidabo in the mountains. It was a great experience to have the otherwise crowded city of Barcelona all to myself. I danced in the street, sang, and did everything else that one might not allow oneself in a street full of people. And because I liked the solitude and the clean air so much, and I even saw animals in the middle of the street that you would otherwise meet in the wild, like wild boars, I decided to go on long hikes every day until the police spoiled my fun, by catching me in the middle of the forest.

View of Barcelona from Tibidabo

A few days ago someone said: "The nationwide demonstrations for International Women's Day in Spain are said to have been one of the reasons for the rapid spread of the virus in the country and the high numbers of infected and dead people." At this point, I wanted to mark myself as “safe” and announce that I was in several densely populated places in a “risk zone” like Barcelona during that “critical period” and that I even survived without a mask, disinfection, or anything else without having had a cold. I know that this could only be a miracle, sitting here so safe and sound today and reporting how I escaped such great danger. Today, when I reflect on my behavior, I would say, “How could I have been so naive and put myself in such great danger. How lucky I was that nothing happened to me after the world population halved in the last 364 days and the death rate was so high that the poor birth rate couldn't keep up.“ I am not surprised! When the silly babies in the belly do not keep the social distance from their mother and do not even wear a mask! What is to become of humanity when the babies are born so unsuspectingly and uneducated? So now! What has happened on planet "Earth" in the last 364 days? There were so many things that I would have to chat about for hours if I wanted to recount it all, so I'm sticking to the essential part. In Tanzania, a papaya has been tested positive for Covid-19. The vaccination came too late for her. She died sorrowfully. The universal declaration of human rights has been abolished worldwide. In China, there is absolute surveillance in the meanwhile. With a population of 1.4 billion, this means that 18% of the world's population is already under one hundred percent digital control. In Austria, cities were cordoned off by the military. Entry and exit only possible with a negative PCR test. In Israel, around 50% of the population has already been vaccinated with an untested, unapproved vaccine whose short-term and long-term side effects are not even known to God personally. The animals are supposed to have been very happy that, for once, they did not have to die for human purposes and experiments. The "Corona situation" in the mentioned country, however, has hardly changed despite the diligent vaccination. But that is secondary and has nothing to do with "the first-class vaccine", as propaganda would say. Important is that there is already a second-class society in Israel in which the unvaccinated are hardly allowed to do anything. Millions of people around the world have been tested for something (we don´t know for what) with an unvalidated PCR test. What this test is for and what role it plays in this drama - in addition to making money for its inventor and his friends and to increase the false positive cases and the associated panic - is still unclear yet. But one thing is demonstrably certain: This PCR test can do a lot, apart from detecting the Sars-Cov-2 virus. Thousands of self-employed and small business owners have already lost their livelihoods, even if some are not yet consciously aware of this painful realization. Sweden has already been wiped out and its inhabitants send their greetings from the afterlife because there were no destructive, human-torturing corona-measures there. The suicide rate has tripled worldwide. When I wanted to look for numbers of suicide cases before and typed the term “suicide”, in the search engine the first suggestion that appeared before I even finished the word was “suicide instructions” and the second was “suicide methods”. That alone should make us very thoughtful. In Galicia, here in Spain, the law of Auschwitz has already come into force, which officially gives the state the right to deprive citizens of all their belongings in addition to their freedom.

The mask has become the most important part of earthly life. The reason for this is still unclear to me. Driving cars with a mask, even if the driver is the only person in the vehicle. Bicycles are only cycled with a mask. Jogging, gym, massage, haircutting, childbirth, playing in the playground, swimming, job interviews, shopping, and more. All of these activities are only carried out with one or more face covers on top of each other. (I have also seen people with a “mask sandwich”: conventional mask - FFP2 - conventional mask.) And those who do not play the game are mercilessly discriminated against, and in some cases even beaten by their fellow men.

The poster citizen of the year: A woman sitting all alone by herself at home wearing a mask

Among all these heartbreaking images I've seen for a year, there was one that struck my heart deep in the middle. That was in the stationery store last week. A family with a three-year-old girl entered the shop. My gaze fell on the child and I had to bite my lip so that I didn't burst into tears: her pretty, but sad face was covered by two masks. The upper one was a pink FFP2, which is even less air-permeable than the conventional ones. The seller's comment was: "You have a nice mask on!" Much earlier, before we were haunted by this madhouse, one would have said: “You have a pretty face! You have a cute smile!” But that's out now and will soon be part of the science fiction books. But let's not celebrate the anniversary of the coronation of the corona monarchy with so much negative stuff, because great, positive things have happened too, such as: All imaginable world problems are solved! Done! As if they had never been there! And if a problem should arise unexpectedly, then it is subordinate to the Corona box, such as: "World hunger in times of worldwide P(l)andemic." - "Domestic violence in times of Corona-P(l )andemic." - "Environmental pollution in times of Corona-P(l)andemic.", etc. Most important is that the terms „Corona“, "Covid-19“ and „P(l)andemic“ decorate every article. Or, even more exciting: in Switzerland, masked, hooded people were allowed to go to a referendum last week and vote for a nationwide ban on Burka for Muslim women. Isn't that great? In addition to freedom of speech and opinion, freedom of religion is now to be officially and completely democratically removed from the plan. Isn't that the real democracy that we are missing otherwise in the world? That I cover up my face myself because someone has dictated it to me and because otherwise, I would have to expect high fines or discrimination, but I am allowed to vote that other people are not allowed to do the same as me. Cheers to Switzerland! They are the winner of the year and we should all follow democratic examples from them. But these are by far not the only positive and great events of the past 364 days. It is getting even more hopeful and wonderful: While the vast majority of the world's population was locked in their homes for months like a bird in a cage, killing themselves out of doubt and depression because they were not even allowed to go outside their own front door, another group made it, to set foot on Mars, just like that! Isn't that the most wonderful thing we could ever experience in our life? That makes me forget all the negative events of mankind in no time. Whether the Mars landing actually took place, or whether this is one of the miracles they have ever conjured up from their huts; I can hardly judge. But let's assume that this is an exception to the rules and that there actually was a landing. Then I strongly assume that this excursion in the eel happened under the same stars as the moon landing, with its leading "scientists" from the circle of the SS. Someone sent me a video of the alleged Mars landing, sharing his great joy and excitement over this prestigious human "progress". And I noticed how the anger boiled up inside me! What on earth is humankind, who has caused misery, calamity, and disgrace since its inception, wherever he is, doing on Mars? What in heaven has the two-legged animal, which to this day has not even discovered himself and has no clue who he is, lost on Mars? Do they want to carry out their work of destruction galaxy-wide, after they already have destroyed the earth with their ruthless, irresponsible, and selfish behavior? Do they want to deprive the Martians of peace, quietness, and freedom, manipulate, suppress, and exploit them for their human experiments? Do they want to suck up and waste the natural resources on Mars so that the Martians will also starve to death? Do they want to transport their tanks and weapons and drugs to Mars to wage wars and destroy the Martians? Do they want to put people on Mars under stress and fear, so that they too will become increasingly sick and weaker, so that their drugs can be sold galaxy-wide? What on earth is the two-legged troublemaker doing on Mars, while the only thing he has ever achieved on earth has been calamity, destruction, division, murder, wars, and the creation of darkness? That was the annual review of March 13, 2021.