A few things that we could all have learned from the current situation

  1. Most criminal people are not the immigrants but the native people of each country, such as the governments and the police officers.

  2. There was no need for hoarding and panic-buying neither was it necessary to frizz fruit or vegetable. The supermarkets remained open and there was enough food for everybody – except for the 800 million who have been suffering from hunger for decants. But their situation of starving hasn’t changed much.

  3. Hoarding toilet paper is not going to protect us from a virus.

  4. What will save us from a virus and every other rough situation is the ability to think independently and listen to our inner voice.

  5. Making decisions out of panic and fear will have devastating consequences for all of us.

  6. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

  7. It is way easier to deceive people rather than to convince them that they have been deceived.

  8. Those who give up the freedom to get security will lose both in the end.

  9. Governments only go as far as we let them go.

  10. Our problem is not the governments but the absence of human cohesion.

  11. Democracy is a fairy tale written in books.

  12. Acting out of fear will devastate our life and society.

  13. You only know your true friends in difficult times.

  14. Letting go of old (friends, beliefs, routines, etc.) will make room for new ones.

  15. We don’t need much money to survive. It’s possible to survive without spending a lot of money on clothes, shoes, electric devices, etc.

  16. Most people are afraid of spending time with themselves and their family and kids. (This was the scariest part of the lockdown for most people)