Asymptomatic carriers ?! Is the Flood approching us?

Today is April 2nd, 2021, Good Friday. A day to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus, with which he voluntarily accepted the sins of the world. Unfortunately, human sins were so great and numerous that one crucifixion was not enough to eradicate them all. Why did Jesus land on the cross in the first place? Perhaps because he was a "conspiracy theorist" in the sense that he was speaking the truth and threatening a corrupt government? And what about Peter, the young fisherman, who was originally called Simon, until he met Jesus and was appointed by him to be one of the first apostles and was given the name "Peter"? He was one of Jesus' closest allies, yet he denied Christ three times when he was asked at the hearing if he knew him. (Matthew 26; verses 69-75). I don't know whether Peter also denounced Jesus but when I look more closely at this story, I see that hardly anything in the world has changed in the past 2000 years. Peter was present at the Last Supper, which took place on Maundy Thursday, the day before Christ was executed. He sat at the same table with Jesus and ate with him, and a day later he denied him. That reminds me of the people who for years came in large numbers to my Suppers, sat at my table, stuffed their bellies with the food that I had prepared with a lot of love, and no sooner was Corona there than they crucified me with their allegations, allegations, and insults. And if things would get tough tomorrow, and there was an examination, they would surely deny me. “Sara Sadeghi? Who is that? Never heard or seen!” It's always the same drama with people, an unconscious behavior pattern of the collective field that is deeply anchored in humanity. The archetypes are best recognized in myths and fairy tales. Unfortunately, however, they are seldom read and studied, so that hardly anyone learns anything from them. Jesus was found guilty of blasphemy and therefore sentenced to death on the cross. Now I am curious to see whether I will soon be found guilty of blasphemy because I referred to Good Friday and the fate of Jesus.

Cristo Redentor, Rio De Janeiro

Let's go back to the modern way of crucifixion, with Corona as the cross. If we take December 2020 as the beginning of this madness, we have been sitting in the corona boat for 15 months. To date, I have not personally known a single case of a Sars-CoV-2 infected person, although I live in a “risk zone”: Spain. Until July 2020 I even lived directly in Barcelona, ​​in one of the “Corona hotspots” in Europe. Nor do I know anyone who knows someone who died of Covid-19. The only "Corona case" that I know completely impersonal and unknown, was and remains to this day, the 87-year-old father of my former neighbor in Barcelona, ​​who was hospitalized in March 2020 with suspected Covid-19 and was discharged after a week without ever ending up in an intensive care unit or being connected to respirators. He also suffered no consequences of his illness. During the summer months, there weren't many, but some pilgrims here in the house, from different countries and cities, such as Italy or Madrid, which were also among the hotspots. I asked every single pilgrim whether they knew anyone who was infected or even died from Sars-CoV-2. In all cases the answer was, "No!" Then I asked them if they knew anyone who knows someone who had been hit by the alleged pandemic. This question was also answered with “no” in all cases. “And if that's the case,” I said, “why are you wearing a mask while you are sitting here in the backyard of a pilgrims' hostel under the open sky and with a huge safety distance from me? Am I coughing or sneezing, or can the miracle virus fly?" “You can be sick without symptoms!” Was the answer. The suffering of our society! A symptom-free disease caused by a virus that to this day no one has sighted isolated in a laboratory. A symptom-free disease that our top-class charlatan Drosten has conjured up from his tinfoil hat. And with that, he put the problem and the solution on the world all by himself by saying: “Attention! There is a killer virus that leads to asymptomatic illness, which means that sick and healthy cannot be distinguished from one another. But don't worry! Because with my Drosten-test you can detect the healthy sicks." Sometimes, when I look at the whole story, I find the theater so surreal and ridiculous that I think it's more of a nightmare or a bad movie. I keep wondering why are we sitting in this situation? Is it because of a virus that has survived 99.94% of the world's population and the existence of which has not yet been proven? The fact that the Drosten-test, which is used globally, can do a lot, except to detect the Sars-CoV-2 virus, is no longer a secret, but undisputed, but people keep going on testing. Good for Drosten and his friends! From the billions in profit, they then buy villas on a beach in Mexico, where after the fall of the government they will crawl to and live a good life in the sun at the expense of the corona-fanatics until they drown in a surfing accident, just like their predecessors, a Dr. Mengele, for example. That would be the irony of fate if our wave-fetishists were taken to heaven by a real wave. At this point, I quote a few lines from an article from January 21, 2021, in the Austrian Wochenblick: "In Germany alone, 1.2 million tests are carried out week after week, which cost between 60 and 150 euros each." Well, if we take 105 euros as the average price per test, multiplied by 1.2 million results in 126 million euros per week, i.e. 6.5 billion euros per year, which someone quickly cashed in. On to the article from Wochenblick: “It is true that it has never been able to prove that Drosten himself benefited financially from his invention; However, it is a fact that with the approval of his clinic, the Berlin Charité, he involved the Berlin company TIB Molbiol Syntheselabor GmbH in the development of the Sars-CoV-2 test. Before Corona, and therefore, mind you, before the invention of the Giga successful model Sars-COV-2-Test, TIB Molbiol's annual profit is said to have been 7.3 million."(Source: Wochenblick) Last week I phoned a friend from Bochum. To my great surprise and completely unexpectedly, she said that she, too, doesn't know anyone who knows anyone who comes into contact with Corona in one way or another, while she already knows two young victims of the vaccination: a 35-year-old mother of two kids, who died right after the injection, and a 31-year-old young man, with the same fate, neither of them had previous illnesses. Yesterday I phoned a doctor friend. He was a little upset because of the lies of the press, which, in his view, played down the vaccine damage and claims that 31 cases of brain thrombosis had been reported across Germany, nine of which died. He works in a clinic in a small village in Germany and has already had four cases of brain thrombosis. The day before yesterday a 31-year-old teacher came to see him in the emergency room. Her eyesight decreased after the vaccination. Now she is threatened with complete blindness in both eyes. But even he, as a practicing doctor, does not know a single case of Covid-19 personally! How strange!

In Órdenes, a small community with around 12,000 inhabitants, not far from where I live, three young, healthy women took their own lives last week. That makes a total of five dead and five injured, about whom I heard within a week, out of the number of healthy people who survived a deadly pandemic, but who lost their lives or suffered damage to their health as a result of the wrong decisions made by our unscrupulous, power-hungry politicians. Although I cannot say with certainty whether it was actually a matter of "wrong decisions" or a part of a plan. But this is just the beginning. The day before yesterday I was talking to the 19-year-old daughter of a neighbor. She suffers from borderline accompanied by a personality identification disorder, which in my opinion is a side effect of the myriad of colorful pills that she swallows every day, but that is not a case to discuss here. In any case, that means that she sometimes has “blackouts” and no longer knows who she is. Or she writes her mother in the middle of the night messages that make no rational sense and addresses her by unknown names. She takes 16 to 20 tablets a day. I don't want to know which ones, otherwise, I would be so haunted by nightmares about the immense side effects of so many psychotropic drugs every night, which she consumes mixed up and partly with alcohol and drugs, that I would not be able to sleep for a second. She has been a big problem child in my world for months because borderline patients are more prone to suicidal thoughts on account of their self-destructive behavior. And indeed she has had a very difficult time over the past few months and is like a bomb that could go off at any time. She now cuts herself more often, deeper, and more intensely. Which doesn't surprise me at all when I realize in which madhouse we live. Now, the day before yesterday, she told me that she wanted to be vaccinated, out of "conviction", with a vaccine that nobody knows how it affects the effects of other drugs, many of which she consumes. I asked her if she looked up about the side effects of the vaccination. Then she looked at her mother and said, laughing, “She doesn't believe in Corona!” By that she meant me.

Is Corona a belief? “Do you believe in Corona or are you a blasphemer? Take a Merkelin daily to reinforce your paranoia, fears, and your belief in Corona. After that, you will feel better and be one of us, a staunch believer." Back to my neighbor's daughter. My attempt at clarification failed. “That's your opinion,” she said at the end, “and that I will be vaccinated is my decision. If I die from it, then it's my problem and shouldn't bother you." There is a saying that says, “When you're dead, you don't notice it, it's just hard for others. If you're stupid, it's the same." At no point did I mean to say that my neighbor's daughter is stupid. But she is currently immature because of her psychological situation, like a five-year-old who would suddenly show up and say he wanted to do drugs because now all of his friends have started using drugs. If she would die, her life would be short, but there are also people who commit suicide out of desperation. That's what life is like here on the earth, but what if she survived the vaccination, but posed a threat to the people around her? Is that still none of my business? I had to give up life for over a year, I've lost all my human rights, and have been locked up like a bird in a cage for over a year, and why? Well, because we want to save lives and protect the risk groups from a virus with a mortality rate of 0.01%, from a disease that has survived over 99% of the world's population and would have survived just as much without measures, as the example of Sweden shows us. And what if, in the end, the vaccinated people become the greatest danger to society, and all previous stagings and lies by the governments come true?! There is a Persian children's fairy tale that I used to read very often and with pleasure. It is about a shepherd boy who is a notorious liar. Every night he runs through the village screaming, shouting “Wolves! Wolves! My flock of sheep has been haunted!”, and wakes up all the villagers who come to his aid. But every time they arrive at his place, they find out that he lied to them and set them up. The shepherd goes through this game for a long time and wakes up the villagers every night until his herd is actually attacked by the wolves for one night. In panic and distress, he wandered through the village and asked for help, but nobody believed him anymore and came to his aid. He then loses all of his sheep.

So I learned already as a little child through this short story why I shouldn't lie: First, because lies come true at some point, second because nobody believes someone who has already lost his credibility by lying all the time, even if he would tell the truth for once. For months it has been said that the vaccinated could possibly become super-spreaders. Firstly, the few studies (insofar as they can be called studies at all) in the first clinical phase have shown that the vaccination directly attacks and weakens the immune system (Clemens Arvay, Prof. Stefan Hockertz, Prof. Bhakdi, Swiss medical journal). This means healthy people who were protected from disease by their immune system before the injection became susceptible to disease after vaccination. It is also said that the virus may mutate in the human body and thus become more dangerous and aggressive. Because the vaccinated can be proven to be contagious, they can infect other people, but this time with a virus that is possibly more aggressive than the one against which they were vaccinated. (Top virologist warns of mass deaths from corona vaccinations, studies by epidemiologists: infection mortality from corona 0.15 percent). And when we consider that the collective immune system has weakened strongly in the last 13 months, as physical exercise and social contact, vacation, and relaxation have extremely been limited, and because we have been living in a field of fear and stress for a year, then we suspect that the next wave may indeed be one with many victims. I didn't want to comment on this topic until today because I haven't studied enough about it, but there was now a case in Halle (Saxony-Anhalt), which RTL reported yesterday, and unfortunately, that was not an April Fool's joke: A Man, who had already been vaccinated twice and was completely symptom-free, with a negative PCR test, revealed himself to be a super-spreader and, has unknowingly infected many people in the hospital. In further examinations, they finally found an enormously high viral load in him. Now we want to think this case through to the end: If this is not an exception, but the rule of vaccination, this means that the asymptotic disease, which until now was only an invention by Drosten, could become our reality, but unfortunately the second Drosten statement regarding his Drosten-test remains still and now proven once again a fairy tale. Because, as this case shows, the PCR test was not able to detect a symptom-free infected person like the man from Halle. That, in turn, means, in a few months, completely healthy-looking vaccinated people will haunt the world and infect vaccinated and unvaccinated people with a possibly mutated virus. Then I am curious to see how our dear media will frame this story that this disaster will also be blamed on us conspiracy theorists, who will also not let themselves be vaccinated. But until then they have a few months to think of something beautiful and imaginative.

I would like to sit here today, look sad and surprised that within a week, three young women have committed suicide, two young, healthy people have died from the vaccination, and five others suffered serious side effects, including blindness from the vaccination. But unfortunately, I can't seem surprised or shocked without being fake, because I saw it all coming a year ago, and I had enough time to prepare myself mentally so that I don't perish psychologically. On the evening of March 12th, 2020, after receiving the news about the absolute curfew in Spain, I phoned a medical friend who lives outside the country and told him about the situation here. I also told him, full of worries and concerns, what serious consequences this completely thoughtless (or perhaps very well considered) decision would have for people, including increased suicide rate, increased depression cases, insolvency of small businesses, an unauthorized vaccination, that will cost millions of people their lives (I already suspected that from my knowledge of swine flu and its course). I also mentioned consequences that we will only see in ten or twenty years, such as the post-traumatic consequences that our children have to endure from this theater. He said, “All is well and good! But we have to protect the risk groups, that's why we have to accept all of this." "This is not about a virus," I replied. "This is a plan from the pharmaceutical industry." He laughed at me angrily: “Why would they do such a thing? They destroy the whole economy with it. What is their interest if not to protect the lives of those at risk?" I said, “I can't answer that question right now, but you answered your question yourself. Since when have governments been interested in our health and lives that they would let the economy crash into the wall to save lives? That alone should be an alarm for all of us that our money-hungry governments, which until now have killed millions of people with their arms exports in order to make money and gain power, are suddenly ruining the economy in order to save lives? That is a contradiction in terms." In the weeks that followed, while I was publishing my opinion more and more often, this doctor friend, along with many other doctor acquaintances, distanced himself from me. Some of them blocked or removed me from Facebook because they could not endure my preach on human rights, freedom, free will, life, human values, human dignity, and the like in times of a "severe pandemic". From one of my doctor friends who studied at the University of Freiburg and had rehabilitated in San Francisco, I separated myself on my own after he repeatedly posted photos of himself jogging in the open air wearing a mask. Those were pictures that I didn't want to see from a doctor. Now I guess that these people, for whom my speech was too much at the time, are now vaccinating people for 130 € an hour, of course only to protect them from an illness with a mortality rate of 0.01%. (The fact that the doctors received the sum mentioned, I did not hear from any newspaper that I could cite here as a source, but from another doctor friend, whom they offered € 130 an hour last week to vaccinate patients. A tempting offer in times of economic crisis, after thirty hospitals, closed only in Germany last year. He, for sure, declined the offer on behalf of humanity.) Now I wished that my doctor acquaintances who crucified me a year ago would read this post today, as I would like to ask them a question: “Have we actually saved people and protected risk groups, or have you supported people losing existence and life with your activities and passivities? " It is never too late to stop a disaster by doing your research now and putting an end to this vaccination madness before we see a deluge! Thank you for your attention and have a thoughtful Good Friday.


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