Corona and other world troubles

In the tumult of the collective panic around the #coronavirus, I felt inspired to share some thoughts ….

There are 25,000 people dying of #hunger daily around the world which makes an amount of 9.1 million people die of starving each year. Every minute, two people are killed in human conflicts across the globe. This makes an amount of 2,880 people who lay down their lives on only one day in some wars or battles, while the number of coronavirus victims in total does not exceed 3000!

So I brooded and wondered, why the social media and news are full of corona while we barely get some headlines about the victims of hunger and conflicts, and I found a bunch of answers to that „why“…

An estimated 1.3 BILLION tonnes of edible food is wasted globally each year. This is one-third of all food produced for human consumption. The amount of food lost or wasted costs a trillion USD annually and this is more than enough to feed all the 815 million starving people in the world four times over!!!!

Then I looked closely at this matter and wondered, why would we toss away such an immense amount of food. Are we two bricks short of a load, or „don’t we have all the cups in the cupboard“, as the German would say? And the answer was surprising: „Yes, we are!“

People buy more than they can eat – this happens when the eyes are bigger than the stomach – and disposable income means they can afford to waste the leftovers. Supermarkets refuse to stock products that are odd-looking but perfectly edible because people would not buy it! In the EU there is a law called „the degree of curvature“ for bananas and cucumbers (first I thought it was a joke, but unfortunately it isn’t) they shouldn’t be too curvous to be able to get to the market. And why? Because shopper – you and I – don’t like their bananas to be too curvy. (We seem to treat the bananas and cucumbers the same way we treat women: they shouldn’t be too curvy either if they ever want to get at the market!) The most important reason why we don’t want „imperfect“ things is, the „perfect“ pictures with which social media feed us in form of commercials, for example. But this shouldn’t bother us, right because it is not a threat to us and we certainly are not going to die of hunger, we can afford it to over-buy and throw away, and if some kids in Africa die of hunger, so what? Is that our problem? The world is overpopulated anyway, they shall die! And on top of that, if we would have a conscious dealing with groceries and weren’t wasteful and luxurious we could not help the big concerns to become more powerful and richer than they are anyway. They take edible food out of the market to raise the prices, and we buy it anyway because we can afford it!

Then I asked myself, who makes a profit out of wars and found a bunch of answers as well ….

All those countries which build tanks and weapons. And also in this case we are those who support that.

So I found out that it is not a big benefit for anybody to fill the headlines with news about the victims of wars and hunger – this would only make us thoughtful and feel responsible and the big concerns to be bankrupt – while it is a huge benefit – for the drug industry, for example – to have a „corona“ going around. But this is not all that it’s about …. When I keep people in a frequency of fear and panic I can keep them better in control. Fearful people are weak and easier to manipulate and guess who benefits from that?

So, don’t worry about the coronavirus too much, I just read some new headlines: a comet is on its way direction our planet (God knows how true this news is) but this could be the answer to our prayers: if we are fortunate enough and with a little bit of luck the comet may directly hit the earth and solve all the problems at once, included the coronavirus. don’t take the troubles too seriously, it could all be over by tomorrow.

Raise your consciousness instead: whatever we focus on – individually or collectively – grows and becomes our reality! We create with our thoughts and speech. If we would have not fed ourselves with the news about this virus, it would never have left China.

Don’t be a victim of media and news, they rarely tell the truth anyway and decide who you want to support: the big concerns and world powers or humanity.