Is that the new "essential"?

“It is no measure of mental health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society”, Jiddu Krishnamurti.

leaving the house for the first time after weeks, pondering what “essential” things I could do that would give me the possibility to walk as far as possible and to have as much movement as possible. There were not many possibilities. I had run out of tobacco and walked to the shop.

We want to keep hold of it and write history for our offspring: it’s the year 2020, Spain; you only are allowed to leave the house to maintain essential things. Now you may wonder what was essential, but there is no need to do so and strain your brain because the government has already done this for you. If you go for a walk in the forest and seek closeness to nature all alone police catch you and you are in big trouble, but tobacco shops are open and allowed to be visited. Smoking is considered more essential than walking in nature!

There was a time when Muslim women were criticized and discriminated against because they covered their faces. Burka was considered a symbol of women’s suppression. “Your face has to be visible for identification” was the argument.

Meanwhile covering the face is the new trend and, you are in the minority and discriminated against if you do not wear a mask. Whereby the mask is the new symbol of suppression of humans – men and women!

When I got home my step counter got in touch with me with a new message: new record: 1,42 km – 18 min walk!