Is turning into a couch potato going to prevent us from illnesses and diseases?

It is highly recommended to take some steps further by thinking about the consequences of our decisions before acting out of fear! Following thoughts came to my mind today during my walk and I felt inspired to share them with you.

Due to the quarantine situation people in Spain and some other countries locked themselves down into their houses and they also promote their action out of fear with the „movement“ #stayathome #staysafe. Now, I would like to take a deeper look into this matter and see how safe is it really to stay at home and if becoming a couch potato is going to save our world.

Before I do so, I would like to talk about some „facts“ regarding the new mainstream panic-maker. This is what we all love: FACTS, don’t we? And some people make a huge profit out of that by making some „facts“ up and selling them to us for an unpayable price.

Regarding the Robert Koch Institute was the flu epidemic in 2017/2018 in Germany the worst one in 30 years: 25.000 people died of random flu. (Reference: Tagesschau archive September 30th, 2019) Do you remember that? Did you even know about that? I certainly didn’t! And why?Because it had not been a big thing in the news. It might have been said once and forgotten again. There was no quarantine, people kept leaving houses and even going to work with high temperature and the flu! That was „just“the flu, back then!

Regarding the already mentioned health institute, an estimated 20.000 people die yearly only in Germany of hospital germs. They enter a hospital with a broken arm and leave it with a limousine in the direction cemetery. (Reference: Tagesschau archive November 15th, 2019) And this used to happen a long time before the coronavirus had been a topic!

Suppose those numbers are accurate and we can rely on them, are more people dying now than before? Why are the hospitals full of people and why does the number of registered infected people increase?

Before the break-out of #coronavirus, people used to go to work despite symptoms of any kind of illness. This happens effortlessly when one is a workaholic, money focused, has no self-love and respect for himself, and doesn’t feel any responsibility for those around him. However, we cannot deny that this used to happen and perhaps still happens and will keep happening once corona will lose attention. I am sure we all have been there at least once and know people who did the same. This is not something to be proud of. Now, after the break-out of the new „flu“ epidemic and due to the strict interventions such as quarantine in some countries, the same people – who would work their asses off with the flu – have to sit home kicking their heels. When we are bored we do everything to escape the boredom. Studies have proved that we would even start harming and causing pain to ourselves rather than staying with our boredom! Apart from that, it is almost impossible to do not to be in touch with the panic around the corona. I have tried hard to prevent myself from any news regarding the new mainstream trend, but I failed. Every single thing carries a corona with itself to take the attention. So, now: I am sitting home as an ex-workaholic, drawn in my boredom and following the mainstream news …. and suddenly I start to cough! Six months ago, this would not be a reason for me to panic, but today it is! I go mad because I coughed. Then I would feel a bit hot and measure my temperature and this would be higher than 37. I would get more panic. Six months ago this would not bother me much. I would likely call a buddy and catch up with him for a beer, but under the current circumstances, this is not possible now, because bars and cafes are closed. The only place I could visit today with my conditions – in order to escape my boredom and myself – is a hospital, not knowing what is expecting me there: infections, viruses of any kind, and hospital germs! This is the reason why hospitals are overfilled with people in panic and paranoia and some with real illnesses! I even heard from Doctors having people sitting in their rooms who were fit as a fiddle. With absolutely no symptoms of any illnesses! However, they insist to be tested for coronavirus! „It’s better to be safe than sorry.“ Boredom, fear, and paranoia going hand in hand have such actions as consequences. This is nothing to be proud of! Such people steal doctors and hospital personals the time which they need to look after those who are really in need of help!

Now, why does the number of corona-infected people increase? There is a very simple answer to this question: a test has been invented to register the coronavirus. Yet corona is not one single virus but a family with many members. With the mentioned test which is used to give us a statistic about the number of corona „victims“ they ONLY can find out if somebody is carrying a member of the big family Corona in his system. I will explain that through an analogy: making this test is like as if I would improve the members of family Smith of heir identification by only looking at their surname. And I would find out that they are all Smiths but I still don’t know who is Daniel Smith and who is Michael Smiths. As simple as this! Yet the flu virus is a member of the Corona family, as much as SARS and MERS have been! Who would have thought that? And people die from the flu, but this is nothing new. Do you believe the current circumstances allow the personal in overfilled hospitals to improve who dies of COVID-19 and who dies of the flu? Apart from that, these tests – which have been invented by private companies and yet not been validated by any health institutes – have been undertaken with people who were sick anyway which means, the numbers given to us are nothing but the number of people who have been infected by any member of the family „Corona“. And they increase because more and more people are being tested every day. 10 to 15% of the world population is yearly infected by some coronaviruses. If I would test 100, 15 are likely to have it, by 1000 the result would be 150, under 10.000 tested people 1500 would carry some corona and if I would test the whole population of China 210 million would be infected yearly by a member of corona family. This is nothing to panic about but absolutely NORMAL. This had been happening for a long time before the new corona came out! However imagine hearing such a number in the news, wouldn’t this concern and panic you? We don’t know how many people have been tested for the statistic of the current corona! I could carry a coronavirus of any kind in my blood but not having any symptoms or being sick. When my immune system is strong enough it will resist the virus but if I would make a test, I would be positive and influence the statistic. If we would have undertaken a test about the number of people who had the flu last year we would have had similar results. This information is based on the researches of experts and international health institutes! And honestly, who knows how true these numbers given to us really are?

Catchword: Corona in the USA. The number raised out of the blue and kinda „overnight“ from 100 to thousands and shortly after that Trump claimed a huge credit from the international bank to „improve“ his health system. Doesn’t this appear a bit funny to you? And surprisingly and like a miracle happening in China – where the virus has its origin – with its 1.4 billion population corona seems to do not be a problem anymore. How in heaven could they make that happen?

The virus may have gotten bored in China and left the country to immigrate to Europe, who knows. Refugees cannot do that anymore, thank to Corona and due to the closed borders. This was a huge opportunity to „solve“ the problems in immigration politics. But if you are a virus, you got lucky! Cause you still are allowed to move around the world, provided you have a passport and a valid visa! This makes me think a good deal!

And if more people are dying of the „flu“ this year compared to other years? I personally doubt that and there are significant improvements for that: „The number of coronavirus victims this year is not higher than any other year before, not even in China or Italy“, so the experts. (e.g. Dr. Wolfgang Wordag, pulmonologist and ex-member of the German Parliament). But we will know it for sure at the end of the year. However, I would not be surprised if the answer was „yes“! Because all those people who usually would not enter a hospital on account of high temperature or coughing are running to hospitals now. This increases the danger of being infected by hospital germs and what so ever is strolling around in hospitals. Not to mention the nocebo effect and its high power! We create everything with our own mind also a virus without even having been in touch with anybody who had corona: a negative mind on the frequency of fear can only manifest negative results, such as illnesses! Remember the pygmalion effect and Rosenthal experiment.

„If that is true, why don’t we hear about these things in the news?“, are you asking yourself? The answer is simple: Researches, results, and opinions of experts who do not support the current interventions and are strictly against them have been banned from the mainstream news. They were not allowed to publish and share their knowledge with us. I am not talking about countries reigned by dictators, but about so-called „democracies“ which boast with their “freedom” of speech, opinion, and the press, such as Germany! This itself makes me thinking a good deal. Why shouldn’t we hear their opinions?

Now the question is, why is this topic so important all of the sudden? What lies behind this global panic? To answer these questions I would like to take a look back into the history and hope we would finally learn from the past:

The 2009 flu pandemic or swine flu: was a huge thing back then, took a lot of attention, spread a lot of panics, many drugs, and vaccinations have been sold, big profit for big privacy concerns. A few years later researchers of transparency international confessed the vaccination against the virus had been invented and prepared in Germany long before the virus had been spread. They had to build new factories to produce drugs and medicines for a virus that had not yet been in the world! Maybe they were in touch with some fortune tellers and could predict the future.

Mers virus 2012: the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV), origin Saudi Arabia. It was a huge thing back then, a lot of drugs and medicines including vaccinations were sold. A big profit for the drug industry and God knows who else. Three years later in 2015 came the truth into the light: New vaccinations had been invented and needed to be sold. This was the reason to „create“ a pandemic. They even changed the global definition of „pandemic“ to make the Mers virus a pandemic.

What really lies behind this new „trend“ with a crown on top of the head we may know some years later or never, depends on if somebody is going to make a profit out of the truth. If not, then the truth will be blanked and swept under the carpet. And we again will forget what we have experienced and move on with our lives until a new trend will pop out to spread fear and keep us busy.

However, the world has never before experienced such an extreme situation in history like the current one. If I am wrong and you know it better then let me know. As far as I could research; the last time the world has experienced such a huge collective fear was during the Second World War – however, the circumstances were different back then: there was no quarantine and locking down. And this is what is happening around the globe right now: Corona is not an epidemic nor a pandemic but a war: a cold war with fear and anxiety as weapons. So, my personal opinion.

However, what really is going around and happening, nobody knows for certain. But this is not what keeps me busy at the moment but the way we respond to it: the only creature who made the angels fall on their knees, who has been given the same rank as the creator himself, let a virus paralyze him with fear and put him into his knees. Because he has forgotten his source, origin, and inner power because he had been told and programmed to believe others rather than his own inner voice! The angels are regretting having gone on their knees in front of such a weak, fearful creature and Lucifer is laughing his ass off!

Now, I want to know what consequences interventions such as quarantine and #stayathome may have for us and if they are as healthy as we think. Or rather if we think at all about what we are doing or if we just do what we have been told and are following the herd with our eyes closed and brains in energy-saving mode?

Our bodies need vitamin D in order to strengthen their immune system and if you think taking vitamin pills will help you in this matter then I have to disappoint you, cause this is not true. The immune system protects our body from illnesses, if it is weak, we are open to any danger around us! Especially in winter and in countries with short winter days we should take advantage of any possibility to get some sun rays and not only for our immune system but also for our bones, blood cells, etc. To have a little bit of movement every day is another important factor for the health of our body and mind. Being connected with nature helps the body and soul both to heal and calm. „Mens sana in corpore sano.“ In order to keep our bodies healthy and strong, we need to work on our minds and psycho. This is the mind that creates the body. And fears and stress are the biggest enemies of mental and physical health. Way more dangerous than a virus could ever be!

Well if you have a house with a big garden and swimming pool, then stay at home and finally enjoy what you have worked for it. If you don’t feel well and have any symptoms of any kind, then stay at home, rest, and allow your body to recover – but not only now and on account of corona but generally. If your body feels tired and asks you to stay in bed, then respect this and do so. I am talking about the majority of us who are fit as a fiddle. Is #stayathome going to help us – those who are healthy – to be safe and get any healthier? How is this action created out of fear going to influence our health?

Now, how healthy is it to spend days sitting on a couch in front of the TV and watching one horror movie and drama and perhaps porn after another? Are phone addiction and spending hours with our heads on our cellphones healthy? Is following the number of coronavirus victims and the most recent headlines around this topic healthy and useful, will this help us to stay safer or save anybody? Is consuming more alcohol healthy? #stayathome #drinkwine #staysafe Do we really think about the „slogans“ we promote something with? Is spending days in a small, dark flat on the couch healthy? And the most important question is: Is this essential? Would you not go for a walk if there was a random flu epidemic going around? Who would transmit any virus or what so ever to you in a forest? The trees and birds?

Whatever has been played behind the curtains and what has led the world to be in the current situation may remain an unsolved riddle. But one thing I know for certain is: what is happening right now is a blessing in disguise, a huge opportunity for collective awakening to a higher state of being and knowing. Let the world and its drama be the world and its drama for a while. Give yourself a break from mainstream, news, TV, alcohol, panic, and drama. Use this opportunity to go within and find your own truth. Let us set off on a new way of thinking, believing, and working: focusing on the happenings in the world outside has not helped us to change anything for the better, let’s try to make a change from the inside out and make the world to a better one by focusing on ourselves, overcoming our fears, learning to take responsibility for ourselves and others and raising our consciousness. Don’t be a victim of fear and crowd, be the „100th monkey“ (Watson experiment, on Koshima Island, Japan 1958) who will help the collective transform from inside out. Find the little light inside your heart and let it guide you through the darkness. In a world full of lies and conspiracy theories there is only one voice that doesn’t lie, only one voice that we can trust and rely on: our inner voice.

One may take away our freedom of movement by forcing a quarantine, but nobody will ever be able to take us away from the freedom of thoughts!

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