On the trail of the truth: Psychological projection

Projection is a depth psychological concept and an unconscious defense mechanism of people, in which one person transfers their own characteristics, traits, desires, fears, or other emotions that contradict their own values ​​or the norms of a society to another person. In rare cases, this projection also happens in connection with positive properties, in that we see our light side reflected in other people. However, since it is easier for us to see our own beauty, while almost no one wants to admit that he also has dark sides, we usually project our negative qualities or attitudes onto other people.

Beyond its function as a defense mechanism, projection also serves for manipulation purposes. This happens above all in partnerships or, more generally, in relationships with people in whom we instinctively have a basic trust, such as in the relationship with states. The archetypal idea behind government is that of a force that serves the people and acts in their favor. When projection is used for manipulation purposes, one projects his own shadow side onto his partner or counterpart in order to keep him small and controllable.

The awareness of this concept and the recognition of its pattern help us not only to know the people in our environment better but also to come to self-awareness through a conscious reflection of our prejudices and attitudes about other people. It is no secret that most people wear a mask, and by that, I don't mean the FFP2 masks, which are very trendy nowadays. The mask has always been a big part of our society. What is happening from my point of view is that the invisible becomes visible. And among other things, knowing about projection and how it works van help us to see through the mask.

Projection is not uncommon, but as common as eating and drinking, and thus perhaps even an unconscious method of survival, because the confrontation with one's own darker side is very painful so that not everyone could survive this process. This is why most people above all run away from themselves.

To demonstrate this concept of projection in everyday life, I may share one of the most obvious experiences I've had with it so far: A few yeras ago, I was sitting at the table in the company of three people eating lunch. One of the attendees said, "I would never buy pomegranates from Israel because I don't want to support the Israelis." I opened my mouth to protest, but my inner voice told me to be patient as I would soon have a better opportunity to express my opinion without causing much discussion. And it was like that. Exactly 24 hours later, I was sitting with the same people, at the same table, and in the same seating arrangement as the day before. The same person who had said he would never buy pomegranates from Israel was talking about a neighbor this time saying: “Some people seem to be pretty crazy to me. My neighbor said the other day she would never buy peaches from Egypt because she did not want to support IS. How does someone come up with such an idea? One has nothing to do with the other."

I only had to say one sentence to end the subject: “There are also people who do not buy pomegranates from Israel.” That is a case of projection of the attitudes.

Or another example: I am often criticized because of my weight and get to hear that I am too thin and should eat more. Soon after this statement, however, I hear my critics complaining about their own excess weight. “I'm too fat and have to lose weight!” They say. This is a case for projection of desires.

This topic is very extensive and I could probably write an entire article about it, but that is not the main topic of today's post, but only an introduction.

As part of my work as a coach for mental health and consciousness, but also privately and on a human level, I am very interested in terms and their use. If we take the Freudian iceberg model, we are made up to 98% of the subconscious. In the context of the terms that we use every day, this means that up to 98 out of 100 terms that leave our mouths come from our subconscious mind. The awareness of this phenomenon helps me download tons of information about diverse people by being very conscious of hearing them speak. Because up to 98% of people live an unconscious life, so that the conscious one, who is familiar with the function of subconscious mind, can easily recognize who he is dealing with by listening carefully.

Observing the development of our society in recent months has raised many questions in me. "Why are the corona policy critics no longer called critics, but rather conspirators, corona deniers, anti-Semites? How do these terms come about?"

“Critic” is a term that is rather positively charged. It refers to a person who thinks independently and questions things and that would make it much more appropriate in this context since the opponents of the measures do just that: They think independently, question things, and criticize the completely exaggerated political measures in the fight against a proven harmless virus, while the terms “conspirators”, “deniers”, “anti-Semites”, “right-wing radicals” are extremely negatively charged and unconsciously are immediately associated with “evil”.

At this point, it is perhaps worth mentioning that these terms are more or less global and therefore, from my point of view, part of a manuscript. I speak four languages ​​and therefore have the opportunity to read information about what happened in various languages. It is fascinating for me to find the same terms everywhere and in every language. I already knew from the start that an independent person would never come up with the idea of ​​using these terms completely incoherently, because who comes up with the idea of ​​calling the opponents of the Corona measures "anti-Semite"? Anti-Semite is an opponent of Judaism and not an opponent of the Corona measures. At the time this term was created in the 19th century, there was no corona in the current sense. The headlines of the Mainstream News gave me an impression that these terms were given by “someone” and put into people's heads by the news, who then simply pass them on carelessly and unconsciously and use them completely incoherently.

This misuse of the terms has an immensely negative impact on the development of mankind, because words have great power, so they should also be used consciously. If this abuse is not stopped, then soon we will be living in a reality that is based only on lies. The term "pandemic" is at the top of the list of abused terms. Although we never had a pandemic by definition, everyone - even in the alternative media - is talking about a pandemic. So it will come that we will soon be living in a world full of pandemics, anti-Semites, conspirators, and deniers. This is how we create our reality: With our thoughts and beliefs that we express in words. This is called manifestation.

As I thought about it, I realized that these terms could not be invented by the media themselves either. Which independent journalist comes up with the idea of ​​putting things in context that are not causally related to each other? And why does this pattern occur globally? Have all the journalists in the world agreed to copy each other? That didn't make sense in my head either. So I thought further and looked for the origin of the thing and suddenly saw the pattern of the projection.

These terms can only be created by people who are in the position of globally defining terms as they please. As was the case in 2009 with the WHO during the swine flu outbreak. To turn swine flu into a pandemic, the WHO definition of a pandemic has been changed. Since then we have been living in an uninterrupted long-term pandemic, as the most essential parts of the definition have been deleted. The plague was a pandemic by definition because when it broke out there were enormous numbers of people infected and dead. But with a disease with a WHO-confirmed mortality rate of 0.01%, of which 99.94% of the world's population has survived unscathed, there can be no question of a pandemic.

So I realized that these terms had to come from a central source. To this day, it is still not clear to me who is behind this global manuscript. The faces that we see, like a Merkel, a Sánchez, a Bill Gates, a Klaus Schwab, are, in my view, just puppets that have no power to put something on the world. These are people who are controlled remotely and act according to a manuscript. But I was able to recognize the pattern of the projection by closely observing those chess pieces. Recognizing this pattern helped me create a profile of the unknown perpetrators and know who we were dealing with. That is the first commandment of any "war": to know your opponents so that you can use the right strategies against them. And I know that the term “war” is frightening. But that's what I see in the matter: a psychological war against humanity that aims at the total destruction of human values.

I am currently reading the book “You shall be as God” by Erich Fromm. There I was once again reminded of the high status that visiting the sick has in both the Old and New Testaments. Also in the Koran, attention is often drawn to the importance of visiting sick people. This custom, which was so emphasized in almost all holy scriptures, has a very high position in the human value system. And then I look at the society we live in today. The sick are isolated and left to their own devices, they are no longer allowed to be visited. Is there any better example than this one to demonstrate the destruction of human values?

Back to the subject of "projection". To this day I don't know a single person from the multitude of corona policy critics who denies the existence of this virus. I myself have emphasized several times in my videos that I am not denying any virus at any point. But I admit that I have already started to doubt whether this is actually the Sars-Cov-2 virus we are dealing with. Because the fact is that this virus has not yet been seen isolated by anyone in any labor. So far, the virus has only existed as a computer model. I also find it questionable that the flu, which had existed since the times of Socrates, suddenly disappeared when Sars-Cov-2 appeared. But that is just speculation. Nonetheless, I believe that there is a virus that people die of and with, even if it's just the flu virus.

But while I don't know anyone from the crowd of corona policy critics who has ever denied the virus, I do know one person from the crowd of corona fanatics who at least once and completely publicly denied the existence of the virus. Our wave and test fetishist Drosten. During an English-speaking interview in September, he said literally: “We are losing public trust. [...] because the disease is not existing, is not there. [...] even though the incidence goes up the fatalities don´t go up. There are no dead people." (Interview from the 34th minute.)

The fact that the incidence number is rising doesn't mean anything at first, because this number can be manipulated very easily. How dangerous diseases are, is determined by their risk of infection and fatality. And what does Drosten say about that? "The fatalities don´t go up. There are no dead people."

This statement raises several questions from a psychological point of view. “Did Drosten give an interview for over an hour about a disease that, from his point of view, does not exist? Has he developed a non-validated test to detect a virus that isn´t even there? But why? Have millions of people been vaccinated with an unapproved vaccine against a disease that doesn't even exist? Have 7.8 billion people been locked in their homes to protect themselves against an infection that doesn't exist? Does Drosten deny the virus? But that doesn't fit into the picture, because Drosten is not one of the so-called corona deniers. Or maybe there is a projection taking place here in the sense that they already know that this virus does not even exist. For manipulation purposes and to keep their lies secret they project the whole thing onto the measure critics and call them corona deniers, so that no one believes the truth anymore, once it comes to light visible enough for everyone to see it?"

In the same interview and before Drosten denies the existence of the disease, he says something different, which I find extremely worrying. "In Germany, we have Merkel, who knows what to do and people listen to her." This statement alone says a lot if I listen to it more closely. "Why does only one person know what to do and why does everyone else listen to her?" This is a pattern that only occurs in an autocratic state. In a democracy, on the other hand, there are several people with different opinions on one thing and nobody has to listen to someone else, as everyone can think for themselves and determine their own lives.

I also see a projection in the term “conspiracy theorist”. The measure critics cannot be conspirators by definition. First, they didn't have time to plan anything. They were thrown into the deep end because the measures came so quickly that no one had much time to grasp what was happening around them. It was only when they began to let the whole thing sink in and reflect on what had happened that they realized something was pretty wrong here. Now they are trying to save themselves from this situation, and to this day they have no precise plan how to manage that. They protest against the measures because they disagree with how things are going. But to this day they have no requirements other than the return of their basic human rights. And this is not a conspiracy, it is your right. Second, most of them didn't even know each other before the measures began. When did they even have time to plan something against a state? On the other hand, whoever is acting on a plan is the opposite side. RKI's (Robert Koch Institute in Germany) risk analysis “Pandemic due to Virus Modi-SARS” in 2012 and Event 201, which took place in October 2019, in which the course of a possible pandemic caused by a coronavirus was discussed and planned in detail, are no longer a secret. That is clearly a plan.

The critics of the measure could not even see in our nightmares that something like this was coming our way. But the participants in this event already knew this before the game has started. Now, the question is: "If they already knew in 2012 that a pandemic was coming our way at some point, why didn´t they publish their knowledge so that we could get prepared? Why had RKI been cutting beds in the intensive care units alle over Germany and closed various hospitals? Was this part of their preparation for a pandemic or part of another plan? But from my point of view, Event 201 is also only a small part of a big plan that has been forging for decades. I can clearly read and follow that in the old literature. For example in the book “The Revolution of Hope” by Erich Fromm, which was published in 1968. I quote from the first page of the first chapter: “With the victory of the new society, individualism and private life will disappear; feelings towards other people are manipulated - through psychological conditioning and other measures, or through drugs, which at the same time provide a new kind of introspective experience. In the words of Zbigniew Brzezinski: 'In technetronic society, the trend is likely to be to garner individual voter support from millions of uncoordinated citizens; because they can easily be influenced by fascinating and attractive personalities who successfully use the latest communication techniques to control emotions in their senses and to control reason.' This new society was foretold in novel form in Orwell's 1984 and Huxley's Brave New World."

From this excerpt, I can clearly see that this plan has been planned for a long time. Now the question arises once again for me whether a projection is taking place here again: The real conspirators who have a plan against the human race project their negative attitudes onto their opponents so that they themselves are not exposed and for purposes of manipulation?

Right-wing radicalism, which the Corona Politics critics are also accused of, is another projection from my point of view. I know that there are also people with right-wing or even ultra-right attitudes among the critics. I met some of them in the Telegram and Facebook groups. But that doesn't matter. Even if I myself am extremely against any right-wing attitudes, but that is my personal opinion and does not change the validity of human rights. Because someone who is politically right is first and foremost a human being, so that basic human rights, such as freedom of speech and expression, also apply to him. Or all the AFD (German right-wing party) supporters should now be against the measures, maybe out of conviction, or maybe because their party affiliation provides it. But that the AFD is not an opposition, but part of this plan is out of the question for me. Because, as far as I know, this pattern also seems to be global. Here in Spain are the Ultraderechas (the right-wing radical party), which suddenly sided with those who criticize the measure. And that was done out of my conviction so that the accusation that "measure critics are right-wing extremists" is proven. But regardless of this, the question arises whether I can call a whole group of people of different origins, races, religions and the like who protest for absolutely non-racial purposes, such as freedom and human rights, "right-wing extremists" just because among them there are also people with a politically right-wing attitude? Or is there perhaps a psychological framing taking place here? So another projection: The right-wing extremists, who are themselves behind this conspiracy against humanity, project their attitudes through framing onto their opponents in order to manipulate.

When it comes to anti-Semitism, I see exactly the same pattern of projection. The measure opponents are also referred to as mentally ill. In terms of matters, the Minister of Social Affairs in Germany, Petra Köpping, threatened in April 2020 to put the quarantine objectors in psychiatric hospitals. Well, Petra Köpping, who belongs to the SPD party, was a member of the SED (the Socialist Unity Party of Germany) from 1986 to 1989. And today she is Minister of Social Affairs and makes decisions for the people. That is extremely worrying. And the question arises, why are those who think differently known as mentally ill? Is there a double projection here: anti-Semites and the mentally ill who project their shortcomings onto their opponents? Labeling opponents of the government as mentally ill is one of the manipulative methods employed by socialist governments. So I'm not surprised that this glorious idea of putting people in psychiatric came from an ex-SED member of all people.

Or let's take a closer look at a Klaus Schwab who, with his glorious “Great Reset”, is one of the leaders or essential pawns of this great conspiracy against humanity. Who is this Klaus Schwab and what are his roots? Is he a chip off the old block? Or let's take a closer look at that “Bill Gates” puppet. His plan to control the world's population is not something he keeps a secret about. With his “non-profit” vaccination madness in Africa and Asia, he has long since started his crazy plan. Whose handwriting does the manipulation of the human race look like? Who in history planned to change human genes according to their own ideas, before Bill Gates? Wasn't it Hitler? In my opinion, anyone who only sees anti-Semites in Hitler and the Nazi regime has not studied history deeply enough. Hitler's plan was not "just" the extermination of the Jews, he wanted to create a uniform race to his taste with his ideology, which he would have achieved, had he not been stopped in time. The fact that the Jews, in particular, were affected by this plan is perhaps because they were the largest minority in Germany at the time, or maybe because Hitler had a personal hatred of that group, but that his plan wasn't just about the Jews, is clearly shown in the Nazi euthanasia program, to which people with disabilities, any physical and mental weaknesses or even completely healthy and strong people, like gypsies and all opponents of the Nazi regime fell victim to, regardless their religious affiliation. Compared to the Jewish victims of the horrific Nazi regime, the number of non-Jewish victims is of course going down, but that does not mean that they did not exist, but that Hitler did not have enough time to complete his evil plan. Or let's take a look at our own governments, which have been using the Stasi methods as a template for their measures against a virus (more on this below). Who did the Stasi work for?

And if I watch an interview with Bill and Melinda Gates and look at their eyes and facial features while they are about to report, for example, that the next wave is going to be dangerous and killing a lot of people, then I realize that Bill and Melinda Gates are dangerous psychopaths. Because no healthy person with a drop of empathy would ever be able to sit in front of a camera, speak publicly about the fact that many people will soon die, and smile peacefully and be happy about it. A mentally healthy person is not in a position to be so happy about the suffering of his fellow human beings. People he doesn't even know, who have never done him any harm.

I recently scanned a document available from the official website of the federal government about the Stasi methods and their implementation. In the process, something caught my eye that made me freeze to death: “The state security wanted to achieve 'the fragmentation, paralysis, disorganization, and isolation of hostile-negative forces' with disintegration measures. These methods were aimed at breaking the will and dignity of the individual and making him so docile."

A little further below they then write the following words: "The right to one's own opinion and to express one's opinion is a valuable asset. It is linked to the right to self-determination. Article 19 of the UN Charter of Human Rights guarantees the right to freely obtain any kind of information and gives state censorship a rejection."

And how can I explain the completely arbitrary deletion of my videos on YouTube, if not by the censorship? Taking my videos off the net without even telling me a reason has little in common with “the right to freely obtain any kind of information."

Or the following about human dignity: "Respect for the dignity of every person runs through the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and establishes a whole range of protective and defense rights. This includes bans on psychological and physical torture, humiliation, arbitrariness, or branding. The guarantee of a dignified life necessarily includes the right to physical integrity as well as the physical security of existence, but also the intellectual independence. That means, people must not be degraded to the mere object of state action, they have a right to self-determination of their life."

How beautifully they preach water while sipping their wine glasses. Wearing a mask and lock-downs clearly belong to the psychological torture methods!

If I now summarize the whole thing, I realize that we are dealing with perpetrators - although as yet unknown - but about whom we know a great deal if we are aware of the projection. We are dealing with mentally disturbed, right-wing extremists, anti-Semitic, liars, and conspirators who have a common master plan for the destruction of humanity.

Now it is up to each of us to make a conscious decision. Do we want our children to live in a society that was predicted in the form of a novel in Orwell's 1984, in which there are no longer any human beings, but remote-controlled, emotionless beings, in which human values ​​such as freedom, independence, love, Free will, human dignity and much more have been completely destroyed? A world that is only ruled by mentally ill racists and liars, or do we want to build a world for our children in which they can live together freely and independently in love and peace?

No dictatorship in the world came into being overnight. I was born and raised under a dictatorship and have already seen with my own eyes how something like this comes about. We are already in the middle of it! It's five past twelve. Merkel transferred decision-making power to the government last week. That's no joke! That means we already live in an autocracy in which only one person is in charge. Then rather die of a virus than live an inhumane life as a slave without any human rights. What kind of life would it be if we can no longer decide what to do and what not to do, if we no langer can determine wheter to get vaccinated in order to travel or enter a restaurant, in a world in which we can only exist virtually, if we don't want to be slaves? God knows, such a life is not worth living. That will be the ultimate end of humanity and the extinction of the human race.

Now we can stop it, later we will only regret that we let it happen, but repentance will no longer help any of us.

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„Ich hab‘ alles auf Rot gesetzt und das Rad hielt bei Schwarz an. Ich hab‘ verloren“, geht der 34-jährigen Langzeitreisende Sara durch den Sinn, während sie am Flughafen in Kuala Lumpur steht und die auf- und absteigende Flugzeuge beobachtet. Was ist der Preis für Freiheit und wie weit würdest du gehen, um deinen Herzenswunsch zu erreichen? Bist du bereit, alles aufzugeben; das Bedürfnis nach Sicherheit, Stabilität, Gewissheit, und dich von allen konventionellen Werten, Vorstellungen und gesellschaftlichen Erwartungen zu lösen, wenn dein Herz es von dir verlangen würde, wenn das der einzige Weg zur Liebe wäre? Das kleine, schwarze Fischlein handelt von der inneren Reise einer gebürtigen Iranerin, die auf der Suche nach Freiheit und wahrer Liebe, sich selbst verliert und (wieder) neu findet. Mit viel Offenheit und Ehrlichkeit berichtet sie von den Herausforderungen, die ihr auf diesem Weg gestellt werden, und von der dunkelsten Zeit ihrer Reise. Hat sie wirklich verloren?

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