The dark side of spirituality: is ignorance positive?

Do you belong to the group of people who have been trying to throw light on the current situation and are told, “Stop spreading negativity! See the positive in everything”? Then the following post may be a balm for your spirit.

In a world where almost everything is fake, spirituality should not be an exception to the rules. All I need to do in order to demonstrate how superficial our society is, is to go out onto the street and ask passers-by two simple questions: 1) "Do you know who Heidi Klum is?" I would be greatly surprised if someone answered this question with "no". Most likely the majority would even give me the whole of Klum's résumés including her exes and their names, information about their children, and even Klum's shoe size and waist circumference. 2) "Do you know who Carl Gustav Jung is?" I would be very surprised if someone answered this question with "yes". Heidi Klum is a person who exclusively deals with the surface of human beings, while Carl Gustav Jung explored the interior of humanity.

Let's start with religions: the archetype of spirituality.

One is born in a Christian family, learns to read the Bible, and attends church regularly. He is taught that Jesus was God's Son and thus stood out from the rest of humanity. He goes to church every Sunday because he is a good, devout Christian, but on the way there he overlooks the starved beggar asking him for food. Or one is born a Muslim from Muslim parents, learns that Mohammad is the last prophet, reads the Koran every day without ever understanding a word of it, prays in a language that he does not even speak nor understands, fasts during Ramadan in the daytime to stuff his stomach in the evening and blasphemes, cheats and lies as much as he can. The fact that the same Koran - that allegedly prescribed that he should fast during the day and sit at the meal until he bursts in the evening - also said that someone who blasphemes against his fellow human beings is similar to someone who eats the flesh of his brother alive, is being ignored.

Why is that? Perhaps because it is much easier to follow some rituals and regulations from the autopilot than to adhere to human values ​​out of conviction. Because the insight comes only with the knowledge and the knowledge with the deep examination of the events. OJeez! Too exhausting! Who would want that? It´s way easier to blindly follow the footprints of those who have been walking this path for thousands of years rather than finding new ways.

This superficial pattern is also common in spiritual circles.

The one-and-a-half-year living in Bali - one of the most famous spiritual centers in the world - helped me at every beginning of my spiritual path to know quickly what spirituality is not: Exactly that what is sold as spirituality in Bali - but not exclusively there.

There are more yoga studios on the little island than there are tourists there. There, "spiritual people" come together sitting around a campfire, drinking hot chocolate and singing mantras, the meaning of which they do not even know, and talk about "soulmates" and "angels". The whole thing costs a whopping € 200 per head. “Can hot chocolate be that expensive or is wood that worthy in Bali?”, one might wonder.

Then you sit in a supposedly "spiritual circle" and listen to their sermons about how they want to save the world, while they diligently quote from Rumi's verses without ever having understood the deep meaning behind them. Then a starving child enters the expensive restaurant where the meeting is taking place, comes - as planned by the hand of the deed - directly to the table of the "world rescuers" and asks them for something to eat. Either it will be completely ignored until it goes away on its own, or it will be sent away with scorn.

Or let´s take those so-called "dark room treatments" that cost up to 10,000 dollars. During the treatments, one is stationed in a dark room for nine days, without eating and drinking, in order to learn to feed oneself on pranas. After the treatment, you go home and return to your everyday life, in which you nourish on food and not on pranas, but you can say: "I´ve done a darkroom treatment, ergo: I am spiritual."

None of these are guesses or made-up stories, but my personal observations. The question arises as to whether I am more spiritual if I use the $ 10,000 to support a starving family in my city or elsewhere in the world for a year, or if I feed myself for nine days with free pranas that are not only available in a dark room somewhere in Bali or Thailand, but everywhere in the air and therefore accessible to everyone?

“There are more false gurus on earth than stars in heaven,” says Shams-e Tabrizi. Not everything that glitters is gold and this applies to all areas of life and not just to spirituality.

In order to become spiritual, I have not attended a single meditation or yoga class, nor have I done any energy treatments, prana therapies, regressions, mantras, or anything else. Much less did I want to become spiritual at all. I was looking for myself and a way to solve my problems at the time, and spirituality picked me up. So I understood that the spiritual journey is not the kind of thing you plan to do, pack your luggage, buy a ticket and board a plane to travel to the spiritual world, but it picks us up completely unexpectedly and in the middle of life when our soul is ready for it. The spiritual journey is one into the non-material and therefore, it doesn't cost anything, except for confronting one's own shadow side and letting go of the ego.

Now back to the madness of today's world

and the defense mechanism of those who resist against the Enlightenment in the name of "spirituality" by calling on the people not to spread "negativity". How spiritual are these people and how positive is their sense of positivity?

The very first step on the path of spirituality is to become aware of ourselves and world events, or as Carl Gustav Jung would put it: “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.“ This applies to personal and collective darkness as the human being as an individual is in constant (energetic) interaction with his environment. Ignoring the dark side like it was not there is the opposite of spirituality.

“Human beings are members of a whole, in creation of one essence and soul. If one member is afflicted with pain, Other members uneasy will remain. If you have no sympathy for your fellow man´s pain, the name of human you cannot retain”, says Saadi, a Persian-speaking mystic of the 13th century in a poem.

If my head hurts, I can ignore the pain or numb myself with painkillers. Or I can cut my hand and concentrate on its pain, or meet up with friends and pretend as if everything was fine, or I could get lost in work or use other distraction methods to do not feel the headache. Or if I am already too far away from my body and its language, then I may not even notice the headache at all. But in none of the above cases, I do fix the cause and thus the problem. If the reason behind the pain is a brain tumor, then the head and with it, the whole body will soon die.

Now, let´s project this example onto the human family through Saadi's verses. To do so, we look at the following picture.

This photo, or rather the reality behind it, would only leave me indifferent:

a) if I had no clue what kind of psychological and physical short-term and long-term consequences these kids will carry from the mask - during a ballett course, when they need even more oxygen due to the physical work?! Who comes up with such an absurd idea?

b) if I didn't really care about the damages because I wasn´t affected by it myself.

c) if I didn't even look at it, belittled the whole thing, and pretended that everything was just in perfect order.

d) if I ran away from it and distracted myself with different things in order not to look the truth in the eye. But as we have already seen above, the tumor is there regardless of whether I am consciously aware of the pain or I ignore it.

Every time I walk past the playground around the corner, I feel a stab in my heart at the sight of the children who play soccer there for hours in masks. I've also heard of children who refuse to go to a playground and play with their friends because they're already so scared and traumatized. And now the defenseless, innocent beings have to test themselves regularly in school if we disregard those who have already died from the vaccination. If a grandpa dies tomorrow of a heart attack because he was 94 and we humans are mortal, how can I teach and assure the child that his "asymptomatic illness" is not to blame for grandpa's death? Such events shape children much more than an adult can ever imagine.

To consciously deal with the darkness, anticipate the consequences of it and take active action against it, is the definition of spirituality.

This clearly shows us the archetype of the spiritual man: the prophets! What is not only completely "unspiritual" but also very negative, are ignorance and passivity. The river is alive and well as long as it flows, if it stops it turns into a poisonous swamp. Closing the eyes to injustice has nothing to do with positivity. Retreating into an illusion and pretending that the fact that all imaginable basic human rights were abolished overnight could be positive in one way or other is a significant sign of passivity and has nothing to do with positivity. To go on with everyday life with a health-endangering mask, a non-validated test, an illegal lock-down, and a non-approved vaccination, while pretending that this is the most normal thing in the world, is a sign of ignorance or mental Illness, but definitely not one of positivity. To completely ignore the fact that the number of starved people has tripled in the last fourteen months and due to senseless, political, arbitrary, completely exaggerated measures, the global suicide rate has risen sharply and the middle class has been driven to ruin, is not a sign of Positivity, but one of ignorance. Not wanting to perceive that the government (in Germany) has already transferred sole decision-making power to itself in order to sink us all into the swamp of state slavery and final idol worship and to bury all imaginable human values ​​is not a sign of positivity, but one of total blindness of heart.

Sure! A virus is contagious and therefore a direct threat, while suicide and bankruptcy are asymptomatic non-contagious. And hunger is (still) far away from us somewhere in Africa, Asia, South America, and just as little transferrable. That's why it's better to wear a mask and be tested voluntarily and regularly - even without symptoms - instead of getting up, opening the mouth, stopping this crime and thus preventing further devastating consequences, because when I get up, I become active and have to expect resistance, but if I dutifully put on my mask and get tested or even vaccinated as prescribed, then I am passive and therefore “loved” by everyone. That by doing so I only do the ultra-rich (like Big Pharma) a big favor, to get even richer, and support the poor in getting even poorer, doesn´t bother me. Because I am already so numb that I can no longer feel the pain of that poor limb. And those who still count the “corona deaths” or “infected” today are not only annoying their enlightened fellow human beings but also resemble the person who cuts their hand in order not to notice the pain in their head. According to the Federal Statistical Office, we had an 11% lower mortality rate in Germany last March compared to the previous years in the same month. And that 0.06% of the population who died with and from a virus, with a median age of 83 in one year, are of course part of the human family and deserve our sympathy, but they shouldn't close our eyes to what the 99% of the survivors had to endure during this time. This collective ignorance is getting extremely painful!

Five years ago, during my awakening, a model was presented to me by the spirit that I should use as a template for a peaceful, healthy, and grounded life on earth.

I would like to share this model with you at the end of this post: Life on earth is like visiting a littered beach at the foot of a high mountain. You arrive, notice the garbage consciously, collect as much as you can and dispose of it. While doing so, however, you keep in mind that the rubbish outside is only a manifestation of the inner filth: the fears, the wounds, the invalid beliefs, the falsified value systems, the worries, the lies, the hypocrisy, which everyone must first get rid of, if he wants to get rid of the outer garbage for good. After a while passing on the beach, collecting rubbish, you run up the mountain, get a higher perspective of everything that is happening on earth, relax and enjoy the beautiful view without being able to see the darkness from above.

If you just stay down, then you are only in the field of drama and associated negative emotions. It builds up in you getting depressed and sick so that you won't be able to collect the trash either. If you stay on top out of comfort, fear of earthly facts, passivity, disinterest, or ignorance, then you lose access to earthly reality. You may feel good up there because you can't see what's going on on the beach, but that doesn't get rid of the rubbish. In order to be able to lead a peaceful and grounded life, in which you contribute your little part to the collective earthly life, you have to be in a balanced pendulum between the two levels and constant movement.

In order to remain positive even when you are on the beach, you do your work purposefully by making as many people as possible aware of the (internal and external) garbage, and asking them to dispose of this garbage, because together you are stronger and accomplish more. Yet you break away from any expectation of an outcome. The aim should be to clean up the beach and not to achieve an associated condition or the hope that an associated incident will occur. Because then you will not be disappointed and discouraged when a truck arrives and unloads even more rubbish on the beach, as soon as you are finished with the cleaning. You don't do your job because you expect a result, but because you are convinced that the garbage needs to be disposed of.

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