The Stockholm syndrome of our society & the tyrannical king

There is an old fairy tale that my father used to tell me as a child.

It is said once upon a time there was a tyrannical king who tyrannized his subjects and his nation at will. Every day he woke up with a new idea with the purpose of suppression. One happy day, after waking up from his deep sleep, the evil spirits had advised him during the nocturnal rest that he should immediately prohibit the people from riding donkeys. For this, the king took advice from his Vazir.

"This plan will never work," said the Vazir. "Give me a few days to come up with something better to implement your idea."

After many sleepless nights, the Vazir had come up with great incidence. "If you want to carry out your command, then we need a whole series of prohibitions first," he told the king at their meeting. "On the first day, we forbid any popular gatherings after 5:00 p.m."

"But why?" Asked the king. "That has nothing to do with riding donkeys."

"Just trust me," the Vazir replied. “On the second day, dancing and singing in public will be forbidden. Then they are only allowed to meet in groups of three people. After that, we prohibit playing on the streets. And after a week of different restrictions in everyday things, we are ready to tell them that they are no longer allowed to ride donkeys."

The king was skeptical, however, he trusted his Vazir, because he had already shown himself to be very skillful and cunning in the past.

And so it happened that within a week, everyday-things were banned for no reason. As a result, the people became angrier and angrier. People went to the streets and protested loudly.

“Why can't we dance?” Some asked.

“Why is it forbidden to play on the street?” Wanted the others to know.

At the end of the week, riding donkeys was finally banned, which was the king's ultimate goal. But by then people were already busy protesting against other things so that no one really took notice of the new prohibition. As the voices grew louder and the dissatisfaction increased so much that the king was threatened with doom, the Vazir began to gradually give the people back their human rights, which were taken from them without any explanation.

"From today you can dance again!" Was proclaimed by the royal family. And the people cheered.

"Now you can play on the streets again." Everyone clapped.

“From today you can meet each other in groups again!” People celebrated and thanked the king for his generosity and kindness. The only ban that was not lifted was riding donkeys for citizens. But nobody noticed this anymore.

Stockholm Syndrome goes back to a bank robbery in Sweden in 1973. During the robbery, four people were taken hostage by Jan-Erik Olsson between 23th and 28th August. Investigations into this case later showed that the hostages had developed an emotional connection with the hostage-takers in just a short period of time. Further research showed that this effect also occurs in other cases in which people are physically or mentally abused. The victims develop an emotional relationship with their perpetrators, which can go as far as a feeling of "love". They begin to protect the perpetrators, to speak nicely about their deeds, or even to feel gratitude for them. This is an unconscious strategy of our psyche to be able to survive threatening situations.

Here in Spain, there was a harder lock-down at the beginning of the year, during which all shops except the grocery stores had to close for three weeks. At that time, we already had not been allowed to leave our municipalities for months. That means that we were treated like prisoners or hostages who were only allowed to move within a radius of up to 15 km within their community. In other words, 15 km to another municipality was also not allowed. At the same time, a new modification to the Health Act in Galicia was passed by parliament and put into effect in early February. This change, which critics refer to as the Law of Auschwitz, officially gives the state the right to include so-called "disease suspects" (to which each of us belongs) in addition to freedom, human dignity, and human rights, all of their belongings and deprive good. Thus, the state is allowed to take away a person's private assets, such as his house, his car, his personal effects, such as the personal computer and money, and business assets, such as products in the store, the business itself, and everything else, and put the person into an "Isolation Center". (This is stated in the latest amendment to the Galician Health Law of 08/2008 of July 10. See references at the end of the article.)

I have already spoken to several people around me about this modification to see what they think about it. Well, they all me, saying, "The state would never do anything like that!"

Even tho this change in the law has already been published on the official website of the Galician Parliament, it is denied and not noticed by people.

I live on the Camino de Santiago in Galicia next to a pilgrims' Albergue. The house has been closed since September. No wonder! There haven´t been any pilgrims around. It was only now, and during the three-week lock-down earlier this year, that the state was a bit generous and distributed some money among its hostages.

Last week I passed the aisle of the Albergue. The owner was standing in the hallway, trying to find a suitable and nice corner to photograph a certificate that she was carrying in her hand.

I asked her what she was doing and was illuminated.

"This is a document that the state has sent to us self-employed people who they have helped financially," she said. "We have to hang it up in our shops in a clearly visible place, take a photo of it, and send it to the state so that they can see that we have legally placed the document in our shops visible for people."

The certificate that was sent to the entrepreneurs who received "state aid"

When I speak of "government aid", I am not talking about the thousands of euros they threw around! They spent € 900 to € 1200 for each business for the three weeks of closure.

Since then, I have seen this certificate in all the shops that have received help: in the greengrocer, in the fish shop, in the bakery, in the bar. They are all marked!

I, who could no longer hide her anger, protested: “You are not seriously going to hang up this certificate in your house now after your house has been closed since September due to the ridiculous restrictions of the government, and you are about to lose everything! I know a good place where you can put the certificate and send a photo of it to the state: In the toilet right inside the toilet bowl."

Her answer was, “This is very unfair of you. After all, they helped us. My house has been closed since September anyway. That means, the three weeks were no change for me and my business, but I still got paid, and we should show mercy to them when they help us."

"What help?" I asked. “This is your own money that they pulled out of your pocket for years in the form of various taxes, which they are now paying back to you in small portions. If a thief gave you back your own money that he forcibly stole from you, would you thank him? "

Then she made a funny face, was annoyed by my statement, and said that I was unfair to the state because I can no longer see the good in them.

At this point, the reader should know that 2021 was supposed to be a special year for the Camino de Santiago, had there been no restrictions. From January the gates of the so-called Xacobeo are open. An event that occurs every four years and brings countless pilgrims from all around the world to Spain. The pilgrimage business should have boomed, the hostels would have been overcrowded and fully booked by now had it not been for all the restrictions. More about Xacobeo 2021 here.

The Camino de Santiago

When people talk about the state giving them money, I wonder how they imagine the whole system and what do they think about where the state gets its money from? We even pay our tyrants' salaries with our taxes!

In August last year, I had a conversation with two locals. They asked me why I refuse to wear a mask, and I said, among other things, because the mask was useless and no protection for anybody.

"That doesn't make sense," protested one of the two. "If the mask wouldn't protect us, why would they come up with a mask requirement."

My answer: "Partly because Pedro Sánchez's wife produces masks and makes a huge profit from this story."

They laughed at me out loud. “Who told you such things?” Asks the other. “Pedro Sánchez's wife has nothing to do with the mask business. We buy the masks in the pharmacy! "

This time I had to laugh. “You are right!" I said. “I hadn't looked at it from that point of view. If Pedro Sánchez's wife were to make masks, she would put them on her vendor's tray like a shopkeeper, walk the streets of Spain and sell them. The vegetables also grow in the greengrocer's shop, just like the meat grows on the trees in the backyard of the butcher's shops. In other words: if we buy the masks in the pharmacies, then they have to be produced in the pharmacies.”

How naive I was when I thought that Pedro Sánchez's wife might have been involved in this story and that one hand could possibly wash the other: the tyrannical husband comes up with new laws every day, the wife makes a profit out of it. They would never do such a thing.

Now that health is more important than ever before in world history and more and more healthy and symptom-free people have to be tested to see whether they are really healthy, and the tests have to be repeated until they are false-positive and can prove that they are sick, I am in favor of a weekly, global IQ test, so that we can record how our society is becoming a little more dumbfounded with each passing day. This recording would be important for history so that our offspring can later follow and understand this process of dumbing-down of our society.

Conclusion: There was a global hostage in March 2020. The perpetrators are not all known yet, but some faces have already been published. It is a relatively small group of felons and mentally disturbed, publicly dangerous psychopaths who fled the closed ward of a hitherto unknown asylum as the door had remained open overnight. 7.8 billion people were taken hostage. In almost 7 billion of them, Stockholm syndrome has developed within a very short time. This is the only way for them to survive this drama. But there is also a small minority who diligently try to free themselves and others. And if they don't give up now, and don't lose hope and context, they may even succeed. Because statistics have shown that the changes and revolutions have always been carried out by a very small minority.


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