We will blossom with mother earth

When a virus enters the body, the immune system will only respond if the virus poses a serious threat to the system. A weak virus would never bother the immune system.

And when the immune system senses danger, it reacts immediately and starts fighting the virus to protect the system - the body.

In this case, the system is healthy, and the virus is malicious. In our case, the system is sick and we are the benign "viruses" that pose a threat to them. But the principle is the same.

That said, it's a wonderful sign that we're being censored and attacked on the demos! This is the “immune system” of a sick system reacting to us because it perceives us and feels threatened since we are strong. A weak virus would not even be noticed as it poses no danger.

As long as they fight us, they perceive us and we want to be perceived! As long as they are hostile to us, they are afraid of us and we want to frighten them. As long as they pull us into the field, we pose a threat to them, and we want to remain dangerous! That's why we continue to express our opinion publicly and go to demos! That is why we stay in the resistance.

Tomorrow is the beginning of spring and there are many demos taking place. There will be a spring cleaning within us, and we will shake and clean ourselves of the dirt and rubbish that they have been throwing at us for a year. And then, we will straighten our crowns on our heads and will bloom with the mother earth. And we will sow seeds that will bring the fruits of love to the next harvest.

I pray and hope with all my heart that the free souls, the sparkling light particles will reach in large numbers, even if the demos would be forbidden. For if we are strong and numerous enough and stick together, their “immune system” has no chance against us and we will destroy them! When the light spreads enough and is bright enough, the darkness will disappear.